Welcome to Liberty Tool

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Welcome to Liberty Tool

Liberty Tool is an amazing used tool/books/whatever place in Liberty, Maine.

Here’s what they claim on their website:  “Liberty Tool Company of Liberty, Maine: Antique tools, art, antiques, hand tools, and collectibles”

Yoakum Farmers Market

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Yoakum Farmers Market

Yoakum is another struggling mid-size town…  This is along the railroad tracks.

Fishing Nets

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Fishing nets
Fishing Nets, Fulton Harbor.   Rockport/Fulton continue to recover from Hurricane Harvey. Last night I discovered Fulton Harbor has new lights — way more light than before the hurricane! This area I used to call the “Film Noir” area of the harbor- it is now brightly lit. OK, it doesn’t look brightly lit, but that’s because I decided to give it a vintage flavor… I removed all of the white electric boxes and we can imagine something from the past.

Old Buildings in Lubec, Maine

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Old buildings in Lubec

Read a story this morning about a Lubec, Maine, building floating to Canada in a storm this winter. My camera at the time and I went to Lubec last in 2008, so I checked my photos to see if I had caught this building. I had not but I had some photos that I like.

What I liked about this one was the old abandoned look but lovely reflections in the water. I think they boarded up with pinkish pywood just for me…

Here’s the story of the building that did float away:


Carousel in Florence

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Carousel, Piazza di Santa Croce, Florence, Italy, 2002. Taken with an early digital camera, “painterly” effect applied.

Tuscan View

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Tuscan View
Enjoying going through our photos from Tuscany taken in 2002 with a very early digital camera, hence the “painterly” treatment. This view was take in our near Sienna. The country side is truly magnificent!

Weesatche “Business District”

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Weesatche business district
Weesatche, TX, “business” district. The house at the end with the blue roof is nicely maintained. History of Weesatche:

Ponte Vecchiio

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Ponte Vecchio

Revisiting the old… Ponte Vecchio, Florence, 2002, taken with a very early digital camera, reprocessed with the latest toys… What a beautiful town!

Corner Cafe and Saloon

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The Corner Cafe and Saloon

Corner Cafe and Saloon, Weesatche, TX.  I photograph this amazing place almost every time we drive by it.

Gruene Hall and Watertower

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Gruene Hall in Evening

This is Gruene Hall and watertower with a lovely sky. This is said to be the oldest continuously operating dance hall in Texas, apparently still pretty much just as it always was.  Photos of this building are always marred by power lines.  I did remove a few that went right through the sky…