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Morning view from villa

Posted in Landscapes on June 20th, 2010 by judy

Reworking some old images. Tuscany, Italy

Peyton schoolhouse

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Peyton, Texas. The settlement was called Freedman’s Colony by white inhabitants of the area, when it was founded around 1865 by Peyton Roberts, an exslave from Lockhart, who had acquired public land there by preemption. Other freedmen followed suit, and though preemption technically ended in 1876, land patents in the area continued to be issued as late as 1880. In 1872 or 1874 the first church in the area was built on land donated by Jim Upshear, who had come with his wife to Peyton by wagon train from Virginia. Also built was a small log schoolhouse. A post office operated in Peyton from 1898 to 1909. Another post office operated from 1918 to 1930, but it was officially named Board House because it was located in A. V. Walker’s board house, the first in the community. Though Board House has not appeared on Texas maps since then, Peyton still existed in the 1990s and housed the descendants of many of the original settlers. Community life centered around the Mount Horeb Baptist Church.

Field of Lavender

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Lavender farm.  This weekend is Lavender Festival in Blanco.  RR-2325, Wimberley, Texas