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Beautiful Blanco

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Beautiful Blanco

Wimberley. Infrared, taken in 2012 (before the Wimberley floods).

Blanco River with Stumps

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Blanco River with stumps

This is an infrared photograph taken of the Blanco River in Wimberley before the floods of 2015.

Cypress Creek

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Pre Garden Tour Garden Tour

A view of Cypress Creek in Wimberley… The river and Cypress Creek are two of the many wonderful things about Wimberley. Cypress Creek flows out of Jacob’s Well and increased use of groundwater in the area with the area’s growth threatens our wonderful environment. Water is precious — don’t waste it!

White irises

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White iris

White irises. I so love irises!

Utility decoration

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Utility decoration

Murals are common in this part of Texas, and it is also common for businesses to try to draw attention away from their ugly utility meters and other distracting objects with decoration. This is the back of a building in New Braunfels.

Cuero, Texas

Posted in Architecture, Texas on October 25th, 2016 by judy

Cuero Street Scene

Cuero, Texas, street scene. We often pass through this town to get to our place in Rockport. It’s also the town with the antique auto renovation shop… For months this corner has been a construction zone. Those are new stop lights and street signs, but probably also other work. Finally most of it is gone and I took a picture. There was only one yellow and white barrier to remove at the corner… So I guess there is still some work going on.
I was wondering if these buildings had never been “modernized” or if they had been returned to their turn of the century original design. Note the row of little windows above the canopy on the middle building to provide light for the store interior.

Mom’s Bait Shop

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Mom's Bait Shop

Lovely day in Rockport, Texas!

Sunset in the east

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Last night’s sunset facing east, opposite the sunset, 7 pm, Rockport, Texas. Beautiful pink and blue. When you watch a sunset, don’t forget to turn around and see what’s behind you!

Grungy Gruene

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Grungy Gruene

This is a corner of Gruene, Texas that I particularly like – appropriately rusty metal roofs, old wood, even a Texas flag, and best of all yellow bell blooming.  For those who don’t know, the town name, Gruene, means green in German and is pronounced Green.