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Street Musician

Posted in New Orleans, Urban on May 8th, 2016 by judy

Street Musician

Street musician performing at night in front of an art gallery, French Quarter, New Orleans, taken in 2013.

Librairie d’Arcadie II

Posted in Architecture, New Orleans, Old and rusty on July 7th, 2015 by judy

La Librairie d'Arcadie II

One of my best-selling photographs is of this store in New Orleans.  I have named the place Librairie d’Arcadie because that is in the window, but I believe it’s not the official name of the store.  This photo was taken a couple of years after the original photo and I recently decided to process this version.  I like the addition of the bicycle, but the first time I photographed it the door was open, which added a lot to it I think.  You can see the original at this link:

La Librairie d’Arcadie

Posted in Architecture, New Orleans on March 3rd, 2015 by judy

La Librairie d'ArcadieLa Librairie d’Arcadie is another one of my most popular photographs.  The store is in New Orleans and I loved the detail of all the books, the green shutters and yellowish walls, the welcoming open door.  Come in and get some books!  And of course the patina of age on almost everything in the French Quarter.

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