This blog is a repository for new photos or new photo treatments.

I look for interesting scenes or moments or points of view, sometimes beautiful, sometimes not.  I frequently process my images on a computer to make them better focus on my intended subject or goal of the photograph.  I try to bring out what I saw in my mind’s eye when I took the picture.

My current camera is a revolutionary design by Panasonic, a DMC-G1.  The camera supports interchangeable lenses like a SLR camera but there is no flipping mirror.  That allows it to be much smaller, have smaller, lighter lenses, and be quieter than a SLR camera.  When I post older images that I’ve newly processed, they might be taken by any of a number of cameras I have previously used.

Information about the picture is generally available on flickr, which is where you are taken if you click on the picture.

Judy Nicholls