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Fulton Harbor at Night

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Yellow Flower

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Inks Lake State Park

Yellow Flower (name unknown) at Inks Lake State Park, Texas.  More playing with flowers… 

Carved Stump in Cypress Creek

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Stump Carving on Cypress Creek

I walked the trail along Cypress Creek from the bridge in Wimberley yesterday and found this stump carving. It was a beautiful day and the reflections in the water were wonderful.

Blanco River

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Cypress roots, Blanco River

Today I sold a collection of four Blanco-River-related prints at the New Braunfels Art League gallery. River Roots, Cypress Roots, Blanco River, and Blanco River Stumps. Above is River Roots.

River Roots was taken in 2007 and I recently reprocessed it in B&W.  This version emphasizes the texture of the roots and the river and de-emphasizes the other trees, especially the ones on the opposite bank.  The view is now significantly changed as the result of the flood in the spring of 2015 which took out many trees.

The other photographs can be seen in the Hill Country section of my website:

Bluebonnets against stone wall

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We went out hunting for bluebonnets and found some! There were lots on the roadside but a field of bluebonnets without some focus is boring… So I took some more intimate photos, including this one of bluebonnets next to a rock post. These had the reddish areas on them, which you don’t always see. FM 306, New Braunfels, Texas

Spring Has Sprung!

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Out looking for bluebonnets (yes, we found some) we found these very tiny pink flowers. I don’t know what they are. There also seems to be an even tinier bug on them. FM 306, New Braunfels, Texas

Dead Agave

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This is a dead agave from our yard.  They bloom and then die, alas…  They go from being a great architectural plant in your yard to, well…  dead…   But doesn’t it look kind of like a flower?   It is now in agave heaven, having been cremated.

The stalk must have been 20 feet tall.  Agave Americana.  You can read about it here:


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It was cold so the big door of the Grist Mill Restaurant was closed, providing an opportunity to photograph it. Gruene, Texas

Leafless Tree and Decaying Building

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The structure of leafless trees always attracts me and I also liked the nearby neglected brick building. We were in Martindale, TX for a reception for a show at Ronnie Week’s Studio.

Blanco River Stumps

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I’m told these stumps have been there for many years. This is an infrared photograph. Blanco River, Wimberley